How Old Am I? I turned 26, August 31st!
Where am I from? Northern California
When did I start streaming? January 2015
What do I do? I have my degree in Graphic Design but work part-time as a cook at In-N-Out Burger, for now until I become a full time streamer!

What games do I play? I now am working on creating my first ever RPG video game! !plot to learn more. Watch me create this from the ground up, playing games will be on hold until I finish this. Might try to play games once a week, but I am kinda obsessed with making this game happen right now!

I play a variety of games, and recently am streaming Overwatch, Black Desert, Ori & The Blind Forest, Fallout 4, Hearthstone, Skyrim, and more!
What breed is your dog Hurley? He is a pure-bred Australian Shepherd, Red Tri Coloring!
What kind of music do you enjoy? I enjoy all kinds! You will usually hear alternative hits from my high school days, as well as some current songs! I usually allow song requests cause I love listening to what you guys like as well!