Fallout Battlefront and Vermintide OHMY

So it’s been a little while since the last update! Time to get caught up in things here.

We’re neck deep in Fallout 4 (like everyone else I guess) and loving it. It’s been alot of fun playing high charisma/high perception/lockpick/hacking and Rifles with a dash of luck enough for the mysterious stranger. At this point we’re like, level 30 and I have yet to mess with crafting to any real degree. Yes I know. I will do it I promise…just, not right now.

Battlefront is such fun, and I don’t mind saying that I’ll keep playing this for a while. Firstly, StarWars. Secondly, this game is tons of fun! Sure it’s light on story but come on, I pretty much never played Battlefront for the story aspect. Replayability is great, very arcadey and apparently I’m alone in FighterSquadron being my favorite mode. Whatevs! Space Ace RocketBear is comin’ for ya.

Vermintide – Wow this game is outstanding. If you’ve not tried it, you should. Teamwork is key and then some. Get a good group or you won’t make it far on anything past normal. What I love is how the developers are showing alot of care for the game in its early stages, and are apparently in it for the long haul. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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