This Week in Review

The weekend is upon us – and this week brought some pretty sweet things for the channel! Here’s an update:

BEAM.PRO challenge = success! So here’s what happened, everyday we wanted to get at least 20 people in the room at a time and maintain that number for the broadcast. We crushed it, on the first day there was over 30 and then subsequent days all met the mark and went over. That was a blast – and the point? Just to bring awareness to a new streaming platform to those who didn’t have any idea it was available to them. This success for the channel means alot to me, firstly because it shows the consistent, dedicated group that continues to return regardless of the content being provided and secondly, it shows growth and strong direction for this community as a whole.

The Live stream with Doctor Fark was an amazing time, fun and informative! Guys if you’ve not given him a follow on twitch or beam yet, do it, you’ll be glad you did!

We also introduced the new rocketbearsquadron t-shirt,  which is pretty swaggy if I do say so myself! It’s the first of three and available for a limited time only. The profit made from these sales goes directly to our charity, of the month which is currently breast cancer awareness and research. Support an awesome cause and look good doing it? NICE.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, this Monday brings a return to more traditional  gameplay on the channel (don’t worry, I doubt the jackbox party pack will stay closed for long!). We’ll dive into Castlevania, then maybe a little Until Dawn and then finally…work our way to Assassins Creed Syndicate, the next big play through for the channel. That’s the news for this week guys!



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