Thursday is here! Chill time

We’ve been going at Metal Gear Solid V pretty stricly over the last few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m glad you guys have been there with me the whole way, it’s been really interesting to see how this game unfolded. There’s more to do of course however, we’ve got something important to take care of! That’s right! Thursday is here and that means – ROCKET LEAGUE!

Here’s something that’s cool too, this Monday we’ll be playing through SOMA. This was a popular request during our last stream so, we’re gonna make it happen. Always remember guys if there’s a game you want to see me play, let me know! The best way to do that is through the forums, and then during the broadcast in the channel. That way, we can get into the stuff you are really interested in.

See you guys soon for Rocket(Bear) League!

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