RocketBear – New Website!

Cool news for the squadron – our new website is live! That mean’s we’re a step closer to forums all the cool stuff that goes with it. Thanks so much for your patience guys, it’s a process but it is in motion. The stream is gaining speed thanks to you and we’ve got regulars! I love seeing you guys in chat and interacting with you, that’s really what this is all about. As we grow, more cool stuff will come, but I do want to thank you all again for being there with me in the beginning stages. You are what makes this fun, and a joy for me so keep it up!

A word on the forums: When they are live, I’ll be looking for a few individuals who are interested in leadership positions and helping me manage it. While I’d love to just do everything myself, the reality is it would not work out well. Things would get backed up and I’d probably start pulling out some hair, and that would look really dumb. I’ll keep you up to date on this, and if you’re interested let me know the next time we go live! ( I’m looking at you Fozz)